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OverView is one of those small dating sites for couples that has a lot of things to offer its users. Sadly, it often goes unnoticed, as other bigger websites have become more popular during the course of time. SDC gives the opportunity to couples and single people to experience their deepest sex desires while having a safe and private platform for them to feel free enough. Even more than sex, this site offers online activities, forums, and group chats to be involved and connect with couples looking for couples with the same interests.

Features & Prices

As many other couples dating sites, SDC allows anyone to sign up without having to pay anything. But of course, the free user will not have all the features this site has. If you want to live the full experience, SDC has 4 membership plans that accommodate to the willingness of any user.

The first membership plan costs 22.95$ for 1 month, the second one costs 49.96$ for 3 months, the third costs 79.95$ for 6 months and the last one costs. 119.95$ for 12 months. The features these membership plans unlock are the speed dating, the freedom to see every picture of a user’s profile, to add themselves to a party guest list, to Join SDC communities, to add travel plans to the calendar, to use the invitation program, to add themselves to the photo spotlight and the video spotlight, to add their photo to the SDC login page, to use the Voyeur Cam, to add a second profile location, to post parties, to participate in contests and to use the travel alert.

Sign Up Process

SDC’s signing process is one of the most detailed compared to other dating sites for couples. The user will have to make many decisions about his or her fantasies, likes, dislikes and fetishes. There’s a lot of personal information to fill as well, for you and your couple to be good matches for other swingers out there. The first sign up screen will require you to decide what you are searching for, between options like full swap couple, bisexual couples, male or female, she-male; and as a second important information: the languages spoken by the becoming users. The second screen will demand more personal detail, like a headline in which the user will try its best to impress possible hookups, then a description where it needs to be better clarified any fantasy, desire or relevant information about the activities wanting to be perpetrated. After this, the couple will optionally have to upload a photo (It can be done later), and the last information to describe is what are the user hoping to find in the huge amount of opportunities SDC offers. The third sign up screen is the largest one, in which the users will have to describe any physical characteristics. This grants a higher detail when it comes to couples hookup, by being both parties satisfied with the characteristics of their sex partners. The first information they have to fill it’s their birthday. Then, it continues the detailing with having to describe the color of their eyes and hair, their height, weight, body type, race/ethnics, activities like smoking, having piercings, tattoos, the sexuality of both partners, the level of experience in swinging, whether the couple fancies looks, intelligence and hair length. The list continues by asking the couple whether they fancy body hair in particular places, the comfort level they have for sexual activities, what do they like specifically in a sexual encounter between a couples hookup, and any fetish any member would want to become real and then be fulfilled.

Protect Your Privacy

As other couples dating sites, the only possibly non- private information you will have to give is your location. SDC offer the opportunity to connect couples looking for couples using a mailbox, where the user will have all the control. Apart from that, this site has a chat room for several countries in which anyone can post private photos. Some personal information is collected, but it is just the legal and minimum amount, as they make clear they don’t sell, lease or disclose any information collected. The site also allows the user to modify or even delete the profile from the database, by reaching to them with their phone number, the e-mail or the website itself. In their privacy policy you will find further detail for you to feel safer.

Unique Features

SDC has some specific features that spotlight this site and may be the deal-breakers for couples to get in the swinging world, like the voyeur cam, for users to watch sex real-time in the comfort of their private places, or speed dating, for quick encounters with other users interested in your profile. The site allows its users to add notes to record anything they might think important, to re-watch the profiles viewed before, to access an activity log and a sexual health space.


It offers straightforward sex for couples that want to experience the swinger life without any drama and having the decision in every step of the process. From choosing specific characteristics of their hookups, to setting up dates, adding notes and assisting to events. The interface of the website is simple and reachable, highlighting membership paid users and giving proper help to move around it.


The amount of details asked might be a downside for others who want more natural encounters. There’s also a lot of limitations for non-membership users, and the free trial might not last enough to fully live the experience this site grants, as some actual sex encounters and event need to be arranged from scratch.


SwingersDateClub is a website that offers a vast amount of sex encounters for its users and in its core, they are true to the task. This site will work flawlessly for users looking for a very precise and thoroughly arranged sex. For people with experience, they won’t have any troubles moving around it. But, for beginners, the limited free version and the membership plans don’t motivate users to stick around enough to fully understand and experience what SDC offers.



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